Meet Our Team

Our company is made up of professionals who specialize in turn key development. Our workers facilitate all aspects of the industry and the well development process.

Our Geology, Engineering, and Mapping department is responsible for prospecting, drilling methods, completions, and production.

Our land division secures leases, agreements, titles, right of ways, permits, and are our all around trouble shooters. They serve as a liaison between our partners and landowners.

Our field operations are a unique blend of professionals. US Energy’s are on the job in all phases of development, from beginning to end. They are responsible for making and backfilling locations, brushing, pipelines, setting meters, building well heads, trucking of materials, frac pits design and construction, operating wells, maintaining compressors, as well as overseeing the logging and fracturing of wells.

Our Drilling division upholds our reputation by continuing to deliver quick, clean, straight, and accurate holes. This team in responsible for the entire drilling, stimulation, and clean up process.

Our Fiscal Team is responsible for accounting, royalties, and all other clerical related tasks.